Monday, 13 June 2011

facelift – Look Younger Without the Time Machine

Youthful skin is taut, elastic, fresh, and dewy. But as the skin ages, pollutants, exposure to the elements, and even simple genetics, can cause it to lose its beautiful glow. Skin can begin to sag and droop on the face, forming wrinkles. But you can take years off of your appearance by getting a facelift. This cosmetic surgical procedure tightens the skin of the face so that the skin becomes taut once again, causing wrinkles to vanish. These procedures do require some recovery time, but the results can range from noticeable to absolutely amazing. Next to a time machine, it's the best way to regain your youth.

If you want to get a facelift Los Angeles, chances are that you don't just want to go for the first doctor you see advertising along the 405 freeway. You want to find a doctor who has plenty of experience performing this procedure. You want a doctor who has proven his excellence with satisfied patient after satisfied patient. You want to find a doctor who can pinpoint problem areas on your face and take them into consideration when operating on you. In short, you want to entrust your precious face to the best of the best.

The best way to find a great plastic surgeon is to find someone you know who's had some great plastic surgery. You'll have a recommendation you can trust when you go with someone who's already worked on someone that you know personally, and whose rejuvenated appearance you admire. If you want to have a successful procedure yourself, you should go with someone that you know can do it right. And if you want to have neck lift surgery at the same time, you might even be able to get a discount for having both surgeries at the same time.

While it's always great to multitask, ultimately, you want to find someone who is a bit of a facelift specialist. It'd be great if they did neck lifts, too, but you want the doctor's focus to be on your face. After all, people don't look at your neck when you first walk into a room. In fact, if something goes wrong with your face, no one will bother to notice how fantastic your neck looks. Make the smart choice and go with someone that you can trust to do a great job on your face. If they can do a great job on your neck, too, then that's just gravy.

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